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KYTHE - Summer 2021


KYTHE (Kinross-shire Youth Enterprise)

Our mission is to ensure every young person in Kinross-shire is given the opportunities they need to reach their potential

We take a personalised approach to youth work and every young person coming through our door is valued as an individual.


At the beginning of

2021, we began Walk and Talks around Kinross-shire, with the young people on a 1-2-1 basis. We found that due to a recent bereavement in the community, young people needed to talk to someone face-to-face. When summer came along, the restrictions eased enough to allow us into our building again and with restricted numbers, felt 'normal' pre- lockdown. We were very grateful to have been able to work throughout the pandemic in our hub.

Our Top 3 Moments This Summer


We got to meet 108 new young people from 'the rurals' we wouldn't have got the pleasure to work with, had we not gone on tour this summer.

This year at band camp we had the biggest group we'd ever had sign up. We split that young people in 2 groups and these became two bands. Watching their performances after 3 days was outstanding! Such high talent, including a few who had never had a lesson in their lives!

Fixat Bike workshops were a highlight for us as this provided young people with the necessary skills in maintaining and fixing easy fixes on their bikes. Interestingly, the majority of attendees were girls too! Considering the two workers were girls too, it was great to see girls getting involved and challenging prejudices.

Impact of KYTHE for Abbie


Abbie is one of our young volunteers. She began her journey with KYTHE when she agreed to run a group as part of her Equip training with SU Scotland.

The more Abbie engaged in KYTHE activities the more she knew she had to get more and more! Abbie has contributed the most volunteer hours, certainly as a young volunteer, but her hours far succeed some of the long-serving adult volunteers who have given time to KYTHE.

Abbie competency organised our weekly Chill n Chat group and has undertaken ownership of the Outdoor Games that have been so popular throughout the last 2 years at KYTHE. She has undertaken a Platinum Youth Achievement Award, with Youth Scotland to evidence this work.

Abbie has realised, through her young volunteering with KYTHE that Youth Work is the career for her! We're so excited to see what her next chapter will bring, but we're so grateful for her hard work and dedication to making sure KYTHE is, and always will be a place of safety and fun for all the young people who enter our hub.


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